User Guide 1

Begin at the Atlas of Living Australia homepage. Click on Search & analyse, then choose Explore your area.

Once you enter your postcode or address on the next page, a map will appear with coloured dots showing the occurrence records. You can alter the radius of the circle from the default 5km down to 1km or up to 10km. 

The list at the left shows all the species that have ever been recorded at that location, as well as the number of records.

If you click on one of the Groups in the first column, the map and list change accordingly.

Clicking on Records a the top of the list puts it in order from the highest number of records to the lowest.

By clicking on the individual occurrences on the map, you will get details for that particular record and you can open them up and view them. 

If you click on the stack in the top right corner, you can change the type of map in view.