Thank you for considering sharing your data with the ALA.

The ALA itself does not generate any content and so it is only through your contributions that we can support biodiversity and conservation analysis.

Any information you share increases the pool of accessible information for research, monitoring and reporting on the state of Australian biodiversity. More quality information supports additional research and evidence-based decision making by conservation and management authorities.

When you share your data with the ALA, you:

  • gain increased visibility of your activities, resources and expertise. Whenever someone finds, views or downloads your data they see a notice that the data is owned by you. If you like, we can also provide a link to your website because we want to improve traffic to your website, have more people using your information and promote you and your activities so you can continue to dedicate your time and expertise to studying and enhancing knowledge of Australia’s biodiversity
  • gain an opportunity to collaborate. You can connect with other individuals and organisations that are interested in the same areas as you and potentially collaborate with them on future projects
  • are able to receive feedback and advice. Other ALA users can comment on your data, as you can on theirs. This process helps improve the quality of your data
  • gain access to the ALA analytical tools available in the Spatial Portal.