Data upload templates are used to upload bulk data into the ALA.

How do I use the data upload template?

The data upload templates (except for the profile template) have a top row with a link to the Darwin Core definition and a second simple description. If you have a default value you can use, copy it to all the cells in the column.

To use the templates:

  1. Set any defaults possible and then review the records sheet, copying the values down any columns with a default. If you have additional information that doesn’t fit the standard fields provided, then add additional columns to the end of the records sheet. The information will stay with the records and we’ll include them as much as possible in the ALA display. When your customised template is set, copy your data across.
  2. Once you have a file of structured data, the sandbox is a self-service tool to run a trial load of your data to test if it processes and loads correctly. The ALA Sandbox also provides an upload capability for data sets. The sandbox can be used to map and test data, when the data is ready for loading it can then be described and submitted for review before it is loaded into the ALA.

Download a data set template

More information

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