BioCollect is a data collection and management tool developed by the ALA. It supports scientists, ecologists, citizen scientists and natural resource managers to conduct in-the-field data collection and to manage biodiversity, ecological and natural resource management (NRM) data.

BioCollect provides form-based structured data collection for:

  • ad-hoc survey-based records;
  • method-based systematic structured surveys; and
  • activity-based projects such as natural resource management intervention projects (eg. revegetation, site restoration, seed collection, weed and pest management, etc.).

BioCollect also supports the upload of unstructured data in the form of data files, grey literature, images, sound bytes, videos, etc.

BioCollect can be used as a cloud-based data collection and management system in its own right, it can also be used in other ways such as: providing a database back-end to external web-apps and mobile platforms; or consolidating and mobilising historical datasets on a standardised data schema.

BioCollect provides a single point of access for all information about a project, regardless of whether it is used to collect and manage the project data, or not. This includes:

  • project support materials
  • communication materials and blog posts
  • links to mobile apps in any app store
  • links to external resources such as organisation and project websites, social media channels, etc.
  • survey forms
  • project data, and
  • project contact details.

BioCollect can also be your data collection and management system. Both project and survey level descriptive information and collected data aligns with existing and developing data standards as much as possible.

BioCollect was developed in collaboration with over 100 organisations which are actively involved in field data capture. The tool is hosted by the ALA.

For more information visit BioCollect or download the BioCollect User Manual .