Yes, you can use the lists portal to create a list of any combination of species and use that list in a variety of places in the Atlas.  To create a List, you will need to have a login as the List is stored against your name. The List can simply be a set of species names, one per line in a CSV file. Names should be the standard genus species pair, e.g., Eucalyptus gunnii.

The Atlas matches the uploaded names against the National Species List. Any unmatched names are flagged. You can then use the Google search option to find out more about any of the unmatched names.

Once the List has been created, you can share administration of it with any other registered users. The choice is yours.

When the list has been created, it can be used in the Spatial portal anywhere a species can be entered; use “Use existing species list”. 

There are two special types of species lists, “Invasive” and “Threatened” that are set by the overall List administrator. “Invasive” is a flag on a list that says that the taxa in the list have been designated by someone somewhere in the Australian region. Likewise, the “Threatened” flag means that the list of taxa have been considered to have some form of sensitivity to extinction somewhere in the Australian region.