User Guide 4

There are two ways to add sightings to the ALA; through iNaturalist Australia and directly into the ALA using the Record a Sighting function. 

1. How to submit an observation with iNaturalist

You can record an observation with iNaturalist in a number of ways, including on their website and using your iPhone or Android. 

Using their website, adding an observation with iNaturalist is similar to the Record a Sighting function of the ALA. 

First, click on Add observations.

Then, add your image/s. 

You can then add the species name if you know it. iNaturalist may make some species suggestions that you can choose from.  

You can add some more information about the observation if you like. Then click Submit observation. 

That observation will then appear at the top of the list of Your observations. 

Once your observation has been verified by another user, Needs ID will change to Research Grade. 

A clear guide on the process of adding observations with iNaturalist is available here: 

2. How to Record a Sighting directly through the ALA's Record a Sighting function

Begin at the Atlas of Living Australia homepage. Select Contribute, then choose Record a sighting

You can also get to the Record a Sighting page from the individual species overview page.

You need to enter all the details of your sighting. This includes specific details of where and when you saw the species and photographs if you have them.

You can zoom very close in on the map to show exactly where the sighting was, or the location information can come from the image.

There is space for any additional notes if required. Once you have finished entering all of the details, click on Submit.

Once you have submitted your sighting, it will appear in your list of sightings.

To find this list, go to View your timeline of sightings recorded through the Atlas under My profile.