User Guide 10

To find the species recorded in a particular pre-defined region, begin at the Atlas of Living Australia homepage. Scroll down to the footer and choose Explore regions under Search & analyse.

You will see a grey list of defined regions to the left of the map. Find the region type, and the region you want to explore and click on it.

The region that you selected will then be highlighted in grey on the map.

When you double click on the highlighted region, it opens up a species occurrence records list for that region.

You can also filter this by species. The species you choose will be highlighted on the map.

If you would like to choose your own region boundaries, you can define your own areas in the Spatial Portal. You get there by clicking Spatial analysis (Spatial Portal) under Search & analyse.  

Go to Add to Map, then Areas.


A box then comes up with a number of options to define your own area.

Once you have defined your area, you can go to Tools, then Area Report to generate information about that chosen area.