To celebrate the ABC’s first Australian natural history series in almost 20 years, the ALA has teamed up with the ABC to encourage people to explore our amazing country and record what they see.

How to upload your sightings

To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Spot some wildlife and take a photo with your phone, or load a camera photo onto your computer.
  2. Go to Record your Magical Land of Oz
    • If you already have an ALA account, you're all set: use the Upload your sightings button.
    • If you are happy to use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account to log in to the ALA, you're all set: use the Upload your sightings button.
    • Otherwise, click create an ALA account to create an ALA account - it's quick and free. Once you have confirmed your email address, go to Upload your sightings

    • Go to Upload your sightings
    • On the Record a sighting page, enter the species name. A drop down menu of suggestions will appear as you start typing. Select the species name from the drop down list. If you are not sure about the species name, please enter your best guess for the scientific or common name of the species e.g. Koala, Swamp wallaby, Cracticus torquartus (Grey butcherbird), etcIncorrect identifications may be updated and clarified by other community members or experts at a later date.
    • To add one or more species images select + Add images to browse to the location on your computer, or just drag and drop your image onto the Or, drop images here square. Enter the details about the image including title, date, attribution and any notes.
    • Add location information for your species. The map allows users to zoom to the location on a map and drop a pin, or you can select the arrowhead to get current location.
    • Enter date, time and any notes for the sighting.
    • Select the orange Submit button at the bottom on the page.

All sightings recorded will become part of the ALA and help build a more complete picture of Australia's diversity. The information will be used by researchers, government and natural resource managers to improve the management outcomes for species.

If you need more information on how to identify your species, please read How do I identify a species? and Our top tips on species identification.

How to view sightings added to the Magical Land of Oz citizen science project

  1. Go to the Magical Land of Oz project page
  2. To see all sightings submitted to this project, click the Data tab under the blue line.
  3. On this page you can view all the sightings in a list, on a map or as images by clicking on the corresponding tab.

How to view all your sightings to the Magical Land of Oz project

  1. Go to the Magical Land of Oz project page
  2. To see all your sightings submitted to this project, click My data in the top header.

Magical Land of Oz citizen science project

The Magical Land of Oz Citizen Science project will run until 24 March 2019. After that date, you can continue to upload your sightings to the ALA. To upload your sightings direct to the ALA, read How to record a sighting.

Many citizen scientists already contribute to the ALA. You can see recent contributions to the ALA on our Recent Sightings page.

Magical Land of Oz documentary series

Magical Land of Oz is the ABC's first Australian natural history documentary in almost 20 years.

  • Magical Land of Oz is scheduled to air at 7.40pm on Sundays starting 10 February 2019.
  • Watch Magical Land of Oz on ABC and iview.
  • Magical Land of Oz is a continent-wide series ranging from Australia's highest snow peaks to the depths of the frigid and wild southern seas; from its last populations of wild numbats to its largest diorama of giant cuttlefish. It's a land of diverse beauty, that delights and surprises. The series both entertains and deepens our understanding of how the natural world is made up of not just unique species, but distinct individuals, whose lives are far from predictable.