The Atlas of Living Australia draws its taxonomic information from a number of sources. For animals, this includes the Australian Faunal Directory, who currently consider the dingo a synonym of Canis familiaris. The AFD's page on C. familiaris features an introduction along these lines.


If you have a look at the the names section of ALA's Canis familiaris species page you can see that, in the past, Dingoes have been called Canis dingo, Canis familiaris australasiae, Canis australiae, Canis macdonnellensis, Canis dingoides and even Canis lupus dingo. The rule of thumb for a species is that members can successfully breed together and by that rule, since Dingoes and ordinary Common dogs can breed together, they belong to the same species.

That's all very interesting but many people come to the ALA to find out about Dingoes themselves, and not about other common or feral dogs, which are also classified as Canis familiaris.

We have a solution to this problem. People who provide records of Dingoes to the ALA can also specifically say that they are Dingoes. This is stored in the ALA as the supplied common name - click here to perform a search for records in the ALA that specifically include "Dingo" as a name.