galah logo - a cartoon galah bird (pink head and grey body) on a teal background

galah is our R package for retrieving biodiversity data hosted by the ALA.


galah enables you to locate and download species observations, taxonomic information, or associated media such as images or sounds, and to restrict your queries to particular taxa or locations. 


The latest release of galah is available on CRAN, and the development version is available from the GitHub repository.


More information


For help getting started with galah, visit the package site: here you’ll find instructions on how to install `galah`, choose which living atlas you’d like to get data from, and how to build queries to get the data you need! See ALA Labs for ideas and inspiration on analysing and visualising ALA data, like making this 3D hex map of Australian Plantae records!

map of Australia made using green 3D hexagons. Darker, taller areas represent greater numbers of plant species. These areas are focused in the south east and south west of the mainland, and also Tasmania