User Guide 8

On the ALA’s Spatial Portal, you can add as many species to one map as you like. To see how to do this, have a look at ALA User Guide 2 –Species distributions on a map. 

This guide shows you how to map more than one species in the same Genus or Family.

You can find the Genus or Family of a species by looking in the Classification tab of the species overview page. See ALA User Guide 6 ‐ Species information.

Once you know what you want to map, head to the Spatial analysis (Spatial Portal) option under Search & analyse on the ALA home page.

Select Add to Map and then Species.

In the box, type the name of the genus/family you want to map. In this case, it’s the Macropodidae family. Then select Next.

Click on Australian region, then Next.

If it comes up as a density grid, change to points by clicking on points under the layer name.

Click on the drop down menu next to User defined colour, then click on Scientific name. You could also click on Common name.

Your map then appears with each species in that group in a different colour.

A key appears to the left of the map.

Putting a tick in the box to the left of an individual species name highlights that particular species on the map.