The work schedule allows you to plan a schedule of activities. To get to the work schedule, click on the 'Work schedule' tab. By default, you will see the tabular view of activities. To view the activities in a Gantt chart, click on the 'Gantt chart' tab. 

Adding activities

To add a new activity, click on the 'New activity' button and fill in all the details of your activity. Make sure the activity start and end dates fall within the project start and end dates, or you will not be able to save the activity. 

Once you've created an activity it will appear in the planned activities table. 

To enter information for an activity, click on the activity name.

Adding sites

To add a site to an activity, either select an exisiting site or add a new site. You can also add new sites in the 'Sites' tab. View the Sites page to learn more about setting up sites. To add a new site, click on the 'New site' button and fill in the site details. To enter the site location you can use the map tools to draw a shape, or add a point. If you would like to enter coordinates directly, add a point to the map and then edit the latitude and longitude on the right hand side of the map.

Configuring species

If you add a site with a species option, you will see a 'Configure species' button next to the created activity. Click on this button to display the configuration, and then click on 'Configure species for field' to view the species configuration options. View the Configuring species in a survey article to see how to configure the species options. Once you've selected the species, click the 'Save configuration' button. 

Activity Status

On the right hand side of each activity, you can set the status of each activity. The status of every activity is 'planned' by default.