What is BioCollect?

BioCollect is a data collection and management tool developed by the ALA. It supports scientists, ecologists, citizen scientists and natural resource managers in collecting and managing biodiversity, ecological and natural resource management (NRM) data.

BioCollect can be used for survey-based monitoring activities for citizen science and ecology projects, and as a project management tool for natural resource management projects.

BioCollect allows you to collect both very simple observation data, as well as complex event-level data based on published survey methods. These may include multiple records of presence and/or absence, with or without additional attributes, at one or many locations for the same survey event.

Citizen Science projects

Citizen Science projects are hosted on the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) Project Finder. Projects registered in the project finder can be set up either to use the full data collection features of BioCollect or to just promote your project existing project to potential participants. You can find out more information about the citizen science project finder here

Ecology projects

Ecology projects are found in the Ecoscience project finder. Ecology projects are data collection projects which are not open to public participation.


Natural Resource Management projects 

Natural resource management projects typically include environmental interventions to restore, rehabilitate or revegetate environments to improve “naturalness” and enhance biodiversity. Natural resource management projects in BioCollect can be found here.


For natural resource managers, BioCollect can be used as a data collection tool, or as project management tool, where you build a schedule of actions aimed at achieving a planned outcome and then record data for each activity as the plan is implemented.