We are pioneers in the space of biodiversity data capture, analysis and dissemination infrastructure, as such, we have made our platform available as open source software on GitHub.

We follow DevOps best practices and the deployment of our platform is fully automated using Ansible

The platform deployment is infrastructure agnostic, this means it can be deployed in your favourite cloud provider such as Google Cloud, Amazon EC2, etc. or on premises. 

You can find detailed instructions on the Atlas Of Living Australia GitHub wiki.

If you are in the initial stage of evaluating our ALA Platform, you can also deploy a self contained version of our core systems on a demo virtual machine, you will require Vagrant or a dedicated Ubuntu virtual machine for this. 

You can find more information on the README file from ala-install project.

Finally, the Living Atlases page explains the community around the ALA deployments across the globe. We suggest you join to access help and contribute to it.