The ALA General data profile will automatically be applied when search results open.  

The entire set of filters can be disabled using the Disable data profiles option from the Data Profile drop down list. 

Note: It may take several seconds for the page to refresh.

When disabled, a message displays in the Data Profile section at the top of the search results.

Individual filter categories can be toggled on/off using the check box to the left of the category label. However, if you want to change multiple filters, you can click on the filter selection option to pop up a box and set multiple filters at once.

To see the individual filters used in each category (or grouping), click on the Expand and edit filters option. This can also be accessed via the (i) icon next to the name of a filter category on the search results page. This will open a dialogue listing all the filters in this group. The listing includes a brief description of each filter and the query used to apply these filters. This query can also be seen in the URL for this set of search results. Finally, there is a link for more information on each filter.

The following 2 options are available from this dialogue:

  • View excluded records - this opens a new tab a displays the records that have been excluded by this group of filters
  • Expand and edit filters - this changes the check box for the filter group to unchecked, opens up a new section between the data quality filters and the search results called "User selected filters", and provides an option to disable each of the filters (see below).


Clicking the checkbox at the front of the filter set in the data quality filters section will re-enable the filter.