BioCollect and iNaturalist are tools which can help you collect data and contribute to the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA). Depending on the nature of your project, either BioCollect or iNaturalist may be better suited to your needs. To help you decide, some of the reasons you might choose either the platform are outlined below.

BioCollect is ideal for use where:

  • You want flexibility in the design of your survey and/or want to collect data in a complex format
  • You want to collect data other than species data
  • You want to be able to curate and manage your data before it is exposed publicly

iNaturalist is ideal for user where:

  • You want species identification support  
  • You are most interested in collecting species data 
  • You want simplicity for users
  • You want to run a Bioblitz or similar activity as a project