To upload resources to your project you will need to be a project admin. Go to the Admin tab and click on ‘Resources’ and then ‘Attach Document’. Fill out the document information and the use the ‘Attach file’ button to upload your resource.


Project resource types

Types of resources can include:

  • “How to…” instructions and guides
  • Identification support tools such as downloadable field guides
  • Audio files of bird calls to aid species identification, or verbal history stories of Indigenous knowledge
  • Project posters and promotional materials
  • Presentation slide packs
  • Project progress reports
  • Videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Safety guides

Who can see the resources in my project?

Your resources are publicly visible and anyone who is looking at your project, including your project members, can see them.

If you would prefer that some of your resources are not visible to users, you can choose to hide them (do not delete them).To hide resources, go to the Admin section of the project and click on ‘Resources’. Click on the ‘pen in a box’ icon to edit the resource. 


In the resource editing window, uncheck the ‘make this document public on the project Resources tab’ box. Click save, and the resource will no longer be visible. As the project admin, you will still be able to see the resource, but project members will not.


Note: due to a current bug, the edit window does not disappear when you click save. Click the cancel button after you’ve clicked save and the changes will still be applied.