User Guide 7

Begin at the Atlas of Living Australia homepage. Select the Spatial analysis (Spatial Portal) option under Search & analyse.

Click on Tools, then Scatterplot - single.

Select Australia, then type the species or common name into the search bar in Step 2. Choose the species you are looking for from the drop down menu options that appear.

Choose None at Step 3.

You then need to select two layers for the axes of your scatterplot. There are many layers to choose from. A few simple ones are Elevation, Mean Annual Temperature and Mean Annual Rainfall. You can scroll through the list, or type the name of the layer you are looking for. Some of the commonly used layers are prefixed with the letters Bio. Having chosen two relevant layers, select Next.

Your scatterplot will then appear to the left of the species distribution map.

On the scatterplot, you can draw a box around certain points, and those points will be highlighted on the adjacent map.

Alternatively, you can choose a background species to appear in your scatterplot by adding one in at Step 3.

The map will look the same, but the scatterplot has a light pink colour in the background, which is the corresponding distribution of the chosen background species.