Export menu options

The list of layers in the top left of the Spatial Portal window are layers in the Geographic Information System (GIS) sense. Each layer can be related to either species/assemblage, an area or an environmental/contextual layer. You can export information related to most of these mapped layers:

  • Species can be downloaded as points in CSV format (but will soon also be available as Shapefiles, KML and WKT).
  • Environmental and contextual layers provided by external data providers cannot be downloaded, only sampled by points. The main reason for this is licensing arrangements for the supplied layers.
  • Environmental layers produced by analysis as in MaxEnt and Points to grid (and soon GDM), and contextual layers that are produced by Classification are all downloaded as a part of the output.

Note: The Export | Map function has been removed from the Spatial from version 2.0.

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