Blog posts allow you to communicate directly with your project participants. Some examples of blog posts include updates on project progress, exciting or notable things associated with the project (e.g. exciting discoveries, highlighting contributors and contributions, project milestones and achievements), up-coming events and promotions, and much more.

Blog posts appear in the blog section of the project homepage once published.

Adding blog posts

To create blog posts you will need to be a project admin. To create a post, go to the admin tab, click on ‘Edit Blog’ and then the ‘New Entry’ button.

Once you publish a blog post, it is immediately visible on your project, and it is not possible to publish blogs in a ‘draft’ state. It is a good idea to draft your blogs on your own computer before uploading them to BioCollect to ensure you don’t lose any work.

Blog posts can be edited and deleted once published - to do this click on either of the buttons next to the blog post.