Saving a map

To save a map from the Spatial Portal (ALA's mapping and analysis tool), follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Spatial Portal.
  2. Add features like Species, Area or Layers to map, as required.
  3. Expand Map left or down if required.
  4. Zoom In or Out as required.

  5. Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots (Windows) or How to take a screenshot on your Mac and follow the steps to save the map to a file.

Saving a map for publications

If you are seeking a way to produce a small map of say a species or assemblage distribution, keep it simple. Here are some ideas that should be useful for producing simple maps:

  • Select the Outline basemap option in the legend. This provides for black country boundaries on a white base; ideal for publication.
  • If desired, use Add to Map | Layers to add States and Territories, IBRA, IMCRA or similar simple polygon layer. Your choice will depend on what you want to show.
  • Use Add to Map | Species to map a species or assemblage to map the occurrence records.
  • Use the legend parameters to ensure the points are rendered as you want them.
  • Zoom and pan to display the area of interest.
  • Use the snipping tool as per Saving the Map above.