User Guide 3

Begin at the Atlas of Living Australia homepage. Select Search & analyse, then choose Spatial analysis (Spatial Portal).

Select Add to map then select Layers.

There are many layers to choose from. You can add more thanone layer at a time. Having chosen relevant layers, select Next.

The opacity sliding bar allows you to change the opacity of the layer .You are also able to delete and hide layers by clicking the bin or tick box.

You can then add species to the map. For details about how to adds species, see User Guide 2. 

Your map will then appear with the occurrence records for that particular species and the layer you have chosen. In the bottom left  corner you will see the value for the layer at the area you’re hovering over. There will be a value for each of the layers you’ve added.

If necessary, you can change the colour, size and opacity of the dots by using the sidebar. You can also add more than one species to the map at the same time.