June 9, 2017

Compare areas is a simple tool that will show the differences between any two defined areas in terms of species composition and area. Areas can be generated or determined by any of the options available under Add to Map | Area. Use these options to define the 2 areas you are interested in.

The inputs to the standard wizard are:

  1. Species, species list or lifeform (if you wish to limit the comparison to specific species)
  2. Identity of area 1
  3. Identity of area 2

Two areas for comparison

and the outputs are

  1. A pop-up window that reports
    1. the size, number of occurrences and number of species for each area
    2. Number of species only in area 1 (not area 2)
    3. Number of species only in area 2 (not area 1)
    4. Number of species in both areas

Compare areas pop-up window

  1. A CSV file that contains all the above and a list of species showing and if they occur in area 1 and area 2

Compare areas CSV