The BioCollect system supports thematic views of projects and data. We call these hubs. Hubs provide a single point of access to projects which share a common theme. 

Hubs can be made for large organisations with many projects, large geographic areas, broad taxonomic groupings, or for combinations of these.

Hubs can only be set up and configured by BioCollect admins. To request a hub or to find out more, please contact

Hub customisation

BioCollect hubs have been designed to be as flexible as possible, to meet a wide range of user needs. The main aspects of hub configuration are explained below.


There are two types of hub layout available in BioCollect: button layout and project layout. The citizen science project finder is an example of a project layout. An example of a button layout is here. Within both the layouts you can constrain the projects displayed, to a particular region, geographic area, organisation or another custom filter. 

In the button layout you can customise the links available to participants. 


The colours of your hub are customisable and can be configured to align with the branding of your organisation. The images and logos displayed are also configurable. 

Data View

Hubs allow you to view your data in the way that is most useful to you. The data columns displayed, the default ordering of the data, and the data filters available can all be modified.

Additional information

Static web pages pages can be included in hubs, and these allow you to provide any additional information to participants that does not fit within the format of a BioCollect project. For example, these pages can outline survey methodology in detail, or provide information about your organisation.