Once you’ve created a survey, you’ll need to select a survey form template. To select a survey template, click the 'Admin' button at the top of your project, then 'Survey settings', then the 'Survey Form' tab. From here, you can select a form template.

It’s best to use one of the existing templates if possible, as they have been designed for standard survey protocols and to fit taxonomic data standards. Data standards are important when it comes to sharing your data with the ALA. You can read more about the data standards the ALA uses.

If you are using an existing form template then it is not possible to make changes to the template. If we have made you a custom form, then we may be able to make certain changes, such as adding fields.

It’s a good idea to test your form with a few users before going live, to best understand how users interact with the form, and to ensure you’re capturing the data you need.

If none of the existing forms meet your needs, or if you would like advice as to which form is best for your project, you can email support@ala.org.au for assistance.