galah logo - a galah bird (pink head and grey body) on a teal background


galah is an interface to biodiversity data hosted by the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA). It enables users to locate and download species occurrence records (observations, specimens, eDNA records, etc.), taxonomic information, or associated media such as images or sounds, and to restrict their queries to particular taxa or locations.

Visit the galah page to learn more and get started.

If you have any questions, comments, or spot any bugs, email us or report an issue on the R package GitHub page or the Python package Github page.

ALA Labs

See ALA Labs for ideas and inspiration on analysing and visualising ALA data in R and Python, like these examples below.  

four colourful data visualisations, three feature maps of Australia and one is circular with a taxonomy theme

Data visualisation credits: Shandiya Balasubramaniam, Fonti Kar, Martin Westgate and Dax Kellie.